So yeah keep forgetting to update this WOW I SUCK I seriously want to make new friends & share amazing things but I just can’t keep up with it all. My B-Day is in less than a month & I don’t even know what I am doing for that

So awesome day for equality & so so day in general for Horror Nights news since it’s super obvious they are announcing the Cabin In The Woods house tonight. I just wish there could be more original concepts ugh but going to watch the movie in a few since I haven’t even seen it yet

watching movies, looking at cosplay pics, & wondering what HHN news will be coming out tomorrow all while feeling like crap emotionally 

The man is already making me cry about him leaving & it’s not even Christmas yet

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I just had to send out a warning to my FB friends any orientation related “jokes” would not be put up with. I’m all for dirty talk but off handed comments about sexual positions or eating certain “foods” on almost anything is offensive to me. If it’s on here or someone I don’t really know ok I get it you don’t know me well enough but people I’m real friends with need to be a bit more respectful with their words no matter what their orientation is.

Well fuuuuuuck yahoo e-mail screwed up & tried to have me answer a security question I made in 2008 yeah obviously that didn’t go well hope I can recover my e-mail I’ve used for well since forever ugh

3 years ago today this was part of the over 8 hr. line to get into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter on opening day. I luckily was already inside & not in this mess with a little magic of my own but can only imagine what it will be like when phase 2 opens next year.

Yay he unfriended me :) now midnight needs to get here so I can watch the Frozen trailer 

Oh how I love the “Friend” on FB who thinks whenever I say anything negative about the Xbox One it gives him permission to rant & defend his system by talking out of his ass like a 5 yr old than he bitches when I instantly delete his comments by trying to add more comments. I don’t mind a different opinion but if you’re going to be a pouty brat no shit I’ll delete anything you say.

Peter Pan will always be my fav & I will forever be a Lost Boy <3

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